How can I draw a green bath?



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    You would have to utilize a system which drew water from one of two sources. The first would be a passive water collection and heating system so that you would be able to use collected rainwater, thereby not using supplied water. The second would be pumping your own groundwater, which can be done relatively inexpensively with the proper equipment.

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    Since chemicals from soaps and shampoos can make it back into the environment, it’s best to use as little of both as possible. There are plenty of brands of more organic soaps and shampoos, and also ways of making them yourself with a lower carbon footprint.  Try using less water (especially if you shower off after bathing) and a slightly cooler temperature than you may otherwise use. Finally, instead of letting your used bathwater go to watse, use it to water plants (as long as it has no soaps or other chemicals in it). Check out the link below for more good tips.

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