How can I donate to help Brad Pitt rebuild New Orleans in a green way?



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    Habitat For Humanity is collecting donations for rebuilding projects in New Orleans.  The combined cost of labor, building materials and land purchasing amounts to 85,000 dollars per house built.  An organization called Make It Right (established by entertainment figure Brad Pitt) is devoted to rebuilding the Lower 9th Ward.  Donations can be made through their website:

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    I don’t know how (or why) specifically you would want to donate to Brad Pitt to do it. You can donate to Global Green USA’s fund, they are focusing heavily on rebuilding a green New Orleans. You can read more about it here. I’m sure Brad Pitt has plenty of money to donate to the cause (whether he uses it all for that or not) but your money could help another organization who is also working to achieve the goal of a green New Orleans.

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    Brad Pitt established the Make It Right foundation in New Orleans in 2007.  They are building flood-safe LEED-certified homes for displaced victims of Hurricane Katrina.  You can donate online here, by charitable donation or buying merchandise, or you can text “SAINTS” to 25383 to donate $10 automatically to be added to your next phone bill.  For more information, visit the Make It Right site.

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