How can I create a carbon footprint competition for my school?



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    I have a pretty good idea for a school wide competition you could do to help raise awareness about carbon footprints and the importance of lowering them.  Divide the school up into homerooms to serve as the team.  Start the competition at the end of a month and have each student calculate their household’s carbon footprint using the link below.  Teachers and parents may need to help with this step.  Each homeroom would then add up their total carbon footprint for that month long period.  The contest would last for one month.  During that month every student in the school would do the best they could to help lower their family’s carbon footprint for the next month.  During this month would be a great time for students to learn about humans impact on the environment.  At the end of the month everyone would recalculate the carbon footprint for their family.  The class that lowers their total carbon footprint by the most wins!

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