How can I conserve energy at work?



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    Depending on how much control you have in your work office, this may be limited to just control over your own cubicle, if this is the case and it is allowed, make sure to always completetly turn off your computer instead of just remaining on standby. Also, make sure of the light from your building and not turn on individual lights in your cubicle. Also, make sure to not try to print out emails instead just retain them and use them as reference when needed in order to save paper and also hopefully save your office printer from waking up from standby mode.

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    All the points that danibyrd made are really great. I would have suggested the same thing.

    I also think you can do the following to conserve energy at work. if you can control the air conditioning/heating, set the thermostat a couple of degrees higher. If you need to print something that is not official, reuse old paper. if you avoid using the paper shredder, pencil sharpener, anything that is runned by electricity, you should. These gadgets are convenient, but consumed electricity. 

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