How can I conserve energy in my car?



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    Drive fewer miles. Instead, ride the bus or train, organize a carpool, walk, or ride a bike.Keep your car tuned up, your tires properly inflated, and have your air conditioner checked for leaks that can release CFCs.
    When it is time to replace your car, buy a fuel-efficient (35 mpg) model.
    Do not use the drive-through at fast food places.

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    There are a number of ways that you can reduce the amount of energy used by your car. Keep your car tuned, and your tires properly inflated. Also, make sure that your AC is well maintained and not leaking CFC’s. Try to take public transport or walk/ride a bike whenever possible. Do not use the drive through at restaurants; this way you don’t spend time idling in line and conserve more energy. Consolidate your errands so that you only have to make one trip. Also, if you’re not going over 40mph try not to use your AC but keep your windows open.

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