How can I compost banana peels alone?

My family eats a lot of bananas and sometimes makes banana bread. It is delicious, BTW! However, banana peels are the only things that my chickens don’t like to eat. I don’t have a separate compost bin because my chickens take care of almost everything. What should I do with the banana peels?



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    Yes, there is a way, however it would not actually function quite the same as compost. They would basically just rot and be high K, low C, low N compost. If you have a Carbon component, like even leaves or grass clippings to put on top it will help balance the levels as well as keep the flies and the smell down. 

    It seems a lot of people just toss them at the base of shrubs, specifically rose bushes. Apparently they just turn black and shrivel up. The Potassium must be good for the soil. Seems they are good for growin’ one way or another. Hope this helps!

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    There is an article on Ehow (2011), that mentions how you can make a cold compost just for your rotting banana peels. The article mentions how they take longer to rot when you put them outside, which does create more of that unpleasant smell. You can hot compost bananas peels too by keeping them inside and stirring them up on a regular basis, and this does help to keep the smell down (Ehow, 2011). I hope this helps you.

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