How can I check the benefits of LED fluorescent lamps?

As we know that both LED and CFL bulbs have an economic advantage over incandescent bulbs because of the money saving potential. I also know that LED fluorescent light bulbs score better than CFL lights in consumer reports testing, but during my daily life, how can i checkt the benefits of LED fluorescent lamps?



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    I’m not sure I understand your question.  Are you concerned about your personal satisfaction with the bulbs, how much money you’re saving by using LED lamps, how much energy you conserve, all three, or some or none of the above?  

    It might be good to compare your electricity bills before and after using LED lightbulbs, so you can see how much money you end up saving and possibly how much energy you’re conserving.  As far as your satisfaction goes, I don’t really have any tips.  Your experience of LED bulbs will be subjective and based on your personal tastes.

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