How can I capture the water that I use for showers to use for other things?



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    Quite frankly, you will have to reorganize your plumbing in some way. Really, the only thing that you could use shower water for in your home is for filling the toilet. Shower water has detergents in it which you probably do not want to use around your home. You especially do not want to use water with detergents to do any sort of gardening. So, what you will have to do is set up a plumbing system that redirects the water to the area of need. I would consult a plumber for your specific situation.

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      How many times could we flush our toilets with an average shower? I was wondering because I was curious if it would be worth the added costs to reconfigure the plumbing.

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    There is a system called the “Quench Water-Recycling System.” The shower, which developed in Australia, recycles and reheats the water in the shower basin. This system only really works for people who like to take longer showers. A low-flow shower head is a better for those who are accustomed to taking short, efficient showers.

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