How can I buy a Transit electric car?



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    This is a link to the Smart Car website. If you look at the top menu bar there is a option that says “find a smart center,” click this option and enter your zip code to find the nearest “smart center.” At the bottom right of the home page there is an option to “build your own smart car;” this offers a chance to customize specifications of any model of smart car and then print out your customized profile. You may also send the specifications to the nearest smart center via the website.

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    If you are talking about the Transit Connect Electric vehicle by Ford, they should be available by now. However, the ford website is very difficult to navigate in terms of buying an electric one. You may want to give Ford headquarters a personal phone call to see why this is the case. Alternatively, you can buy a used one (look for one with a bad engine) and convert it yourself. The commerciallly produced electric Transit is going to cost you abou $50,000 new. However, you could easily get an empty body for a lot less, replace the engine, add some batteries, and there you go!

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    This link lets you find the nearest dealer of the Ford Transit Connect using your zipcode.  I am in between Baltimore and Annapolis, MD.  There was only one dealer with four models in stock in the area. It retails for about $23,000, according to the website.

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