How can I become a park ranger?



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    You’ll need at least a bachelor’s degree in park management, natural history, forestry, outdoor reaction, or something of the sort.  You must then look for seasonal work, for it is required to beomce a full time ranger.  To apply for seasonal work, you can request an application from the National Park Service.  You must then become certified in CPR and advanced first aid.  You must then complete 300 hours of training to qualify for a seasonal park ranger.  Once you have racked up experience, you can apply for a full time ranger job.

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    In order to obtain a full-time entry level position as a park ranger you must have a bachelor’s degree in park management or a related environmental field.  Before obtaining a full-time position you must work part-time (seasonally) for 2-5 years.  You can request applications for seasonal work from the National Park Service and make connections there for full time opportunities. You will also need to have certificates in CRP and Advanced First-Aid.  Good luck!

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