How can I be the most environmentally conscious when printing papers?



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    You can print all your documents double-sided, to use half the amount of paper you would need to print it one-sided. You can also compress more than one page into a single printed page if it is a document that you only need for your own use and not for distribution.

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    First, print double-sided.  This is an option not everyone knows about but is included on most printers.  It varies from word processor to word processor, but you can often select it under “Preferences” in “Print Options” if you’re using a PC.

    If possible, you should also print on recycled paper.

    Smaller font and line spacing also reduces paper used.  To conserve ink, you can also choose fonts that are thinner and use up less ink per letter.  Of course, if you’re printing out papers for a class, the teacher may have stricter requirements about line spacing and font!

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    In addition to printing double sided and with smaller and thinner fonts, expand your margins to take up more of the page.  Don’t forget to turn off the printer when you’re done!

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