How can i be more environmently friendly?



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    There are many ways to be environmentally friendly some changes you can make are changing your light bulbs to Energy Starr CFL bulbs, buying Energy Starr appliances, using natural cleaning products, buying organic fruits and vegetables, using a bike or public transportation instead of your car, using reusable grocery bags and consuming less meat.

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    There are many things that you can do to be more environmentally friendly. You can use reusable shopping bags, reusable water bottles, try having a few meals that are meat free, reuse or recycle products, insulate your water heater, purchase a programmable thermostat, donate to environmental causes, plant your own organic garden, and unplug your appliances and electronics when not in use.

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    Here are some tips to easily be more green:

    -unplug all of your appliances when they are not in use.
    -purchase locally grown organic food.
    -take shorter cooler showers.
    -do your laundry with cold water with a low or no phosphate detergent.
    -bring your own reusable shopping bags, never use disposible plastic bags.
    -use a reusable coffee mug instead of buying a disposable cup.
    -recycle: separate and rinse your recyclables.

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