How can I be more environmentally friendly while using my computer?



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    You can use your computer sparingly. When you print things, make sure to print them double sided and only if you truly need a hard copy of the object. Using a computer can be environmentally friendly by not wasting paper. Email is great correspondence instead of paper mail which takes a lot longer and wastes more paper (not to mention is usually free). One way to use less energy is to make sure that your laptop charger is not left plugged in all the time. When your charger is plugged in, it still uses energy. Only plug your computer in when completely necessary.

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    To add on to what jacoba said, you can also turn off your computer when you are not using it. Many people leave their computers on 24 hours a day, which is completely wasteful and unnecessary. This small task can save a lot of energy.

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    A few additional tips:

    Turn down the brightness of your computer, the brighter it is the more energy it consumes (it’ll save your battery life too).  In that same vein, if you like using Google, you could switch to Blackle, which is like Google but with a predominantly black screen instead of white, using less energy.  Every little bit helps. 

    Turn off your monitor instead of using a screensaver.  Screensavers are simply visually entertaining; they do not save energy.

    Change the Power Options on your computer to automatically save energy wihtout your needing to intervene.  Setting your computer to automatically sleep or turn off after a period of time.  On PCs you can find Power Options via the Control Panel.

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