How can humans survive global warming?



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    Although it seems that global warming is an event that is going to happen, it is a process in which we are in now and have been in for some time.  This is evident with records of exponentially rising temperatures and melting glaciers in the last 50 years.  One might say that we are currently surviving global warming, but it should be less about surviving it and more about stopping and resolving it.  It is very conceivable that humans will adapt to extreme temperatures as a result of our actions (as humans have done throughout time).  However it is also conceivable, and probably more beneficial in the long run, to address our actions and stop the world from warming further, rather than create another solution to address the symptoms.  

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      What evidence is there that CO2 emissions will be curbed? There has been zero international success coming out of numerous conferences. If you believe it will be stopped, what’s your evidence?

      The evidence points toward concluding as long as there is money to be made by big oil and coal, it will not be stopped. So, emissions will continue, business as usual, non-stop. Science tells us that means temperatures will continue to increase. There really is no limit. More CO2 in the atmosphere = more heat.

      The introductory comment states, “very conceivable that humans will adapt to extreme temperatures.” How will they adapt? Corn, wheat, beets, soy beans – all plants we and our farm animals live on have a specific temperature range within which they can survive. It is a narrow range. With corn, for example, it tops out at around 110 F. After that you have a dead corn plant.

      How do you propose we “adapt” if our food is wiped out? Seven billion people cannot be fed from hot houses, for example.

      No, sorry, but as temperatures go up, food sources will die off. Its not “rocket science.” People rampage and become desperate when food and water runs out, or they simply lay down, starve and die as they do this minute in Africa.

      In addition, more earth heating causes natural green house gases stored, for example, in Arctic seas, to be released. Then man is not the main source of green house gases, the earth itself is.

      Why are people so in the dark about the real, final stages of global warming? Because it is politically incorrect to talk about these final stages. Even the national Smithsonian Museum of Science has no exhibit, and barely a word on global warming, earth’s most deadly threat in the planet’s history.

      So, it is easy to understand why some comment suggests man will “adapt” to global warming that has no way of adapting.

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    This article raises some serious questions about the real number of climate refugees…

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    Regarding climate refugees, the world’s top climate scientist, James Lovelock of the UK, foresees five or six billion humans will perish. He says survival, if there is any survival, might be possible in the polar regions.

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