How can humans replenish groundwater?



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    Human can replenish groundwater by treating waste-water or filtering rain water into underground aquifers.  In Orange County California for example, waste-water is treated using reverse osmosis, microfiltration, and hydrogen peroxide.  Subsequently, the half of the treated water is pumped into injection wells which forms a seawater intrusion barrier.  The other half is injected into a percolation basin where the water filters through sand and gravel into the aquifer.

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    We can also replenish groundwater by installing devices that ensure that more water gets into streams and is absorbed by the land. These include water traps, cutwaters, and drainage wells. Water traps are small dams used to increase stream infiltration. Cutwaters are areas of low-lying land that is cleared to collect surface water in areas with few rivers and streams. They can be built on permeable land to replenish groundwater, or impermeable land and used as reservoirs. Drainage wells are used to collect runoff from agricultural and industrial areas through a series of tubes.

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