how can humans help the animals of planet earth



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    Use only the resources you need, reduce your waste, reduce your need for virgin materials from forests and reuse what you can.  Many animals are endangered because of loss of habitat.  The fewer trees we cut down to build homes, the more animals that will be able to keep their homes.

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    Honestly, I think we need to worry more about limiting our own population growth than try and save animals and the environment. If we do all we can to help the animals of one area, it effects the animals in another area because humans will just pollute that area or take resources from it. The less humans that are on the planet, the less damage we will do to the planet.

    If you want to do something to help the planet right now, I would suggest turning vegetarian. It’s not that hard to do, but it might be hard to get used to it initially. Animals require a lot of food to raise, and create a lot of carbon dioxide and methane as a result. You could also do your best to just consume less – of the three ‘R’s, reducing is the most important because it doesn’t require any energy to do.

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    Humans must work to protect the habitat of animals so they can live a natural and normal life in large expanses of land. We must keep animals in their natural habitats and only bring them into captivity for emergency breeding programs and educational purposes. We should try to reduce the amount of animals we eat, especially staying away from endangerd fish and seafood.

    We also must education everyone about the importance of biodiversity in the world. There are many animals that we do not like that much (like snakes and rats) but all animals are very important to the balance of the ecosystem and food web.

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    Spreading awareness is most important.  So many people are unaware.  Appraoch is key in this, there’s a fine line between the point of being heard and overstepping the boundary to where people feel irritated and close their ears.  The best way to spread awareness is by example, where people see something you use and ask about it.

    Pay attention to the products we buy.  Know what the ingredients are and where they come from.  A lot of them, even “natural” or “organic” products are made with ingredients that contribut to habitat destruction.  When we decrease the demand for those ingredients, the incentive to use them will also decrease and more habitats can be preserved. 

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    Keep them wild!  Never approach wild animals, especially in protected ares like national parks.  They are unpredictable when pressured and do not need to be accustomed to interactions with humans.  Keeping your distance will ensure they behave like animals are supposed to, instead of becoming reliant on people and forgetting their instincts.

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