How can hotels make their guests stay more eco friendly?



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    A lot of it would have to do with the sourcing of materials used at the hotel.  Some examples are high efficiency blow dryers over paper towels, or paper towels and toilet paper from recycled content at the very least.

    As far as dining goes, the hotels could commit to locally sourcing or at least organically sourcing a greater quantity of the food served to guests.

    Thirdly, a commitment to using alternative energy to power the hotel, whether through the installation of solar panels or by contracting with a utility provider with a verified ability to obtain energy from alternative sources such as solar or wind.  

    This association website gives even more ideas and information:

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    Hotels can also switch to energy efficient lighting.  Compact fluorescent bulbs use about 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs.  Using motion activated lighting in hallways, rather than leaving the lights permanently on, can also help.

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