How can homeowners use solar power?



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    My neighbor just installed a solar heater for his pool. It works by funneling water through a tube that lines the roof of the house. The water is heated by the sun while on the roof, then is delivered back to the pool. This is both a great energy and money saver, though the initial cost of the system is greater than the cost of standard pool heating systems.

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    In addition to pool heaters solar power can be used to heat water and for electricity in the home.  I used to work at a remote cabin – we used solar panels to provide power for communications radios and for our stereo.  

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    Yes, if you’re thinking big time, there are several companies that can install solar panels in your home, or you can buy Do-It-Yourself kits.  The government even encourages it.  If you install any renewable power source, including solar panels, geothermal power, wind turbines, or fuel cells, you can apply for a tax credit which can subsidized some costs of installation.  Details are outlined in the link below.

    If you’re thinking small time, there are lots of home appliances that use the sun as their battery, including solar-powered radios, flashlights, and attic fans.

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