How can homeowners use clean energy?



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    There are lots of options available for homeowners looking to use cleaner energy.  One of the most popular is solar panels.  You can buy solar panels and install them on your roof, and use them to generate electricity for your home.  In many areas of the country you can also choose to have your electricity provided by a clean energy source, such as wind farms, or you can even get your own wind turbine for your home.  If you live in an area where it’s necessary to heat your home, you can also use green heat, such as wood stoves, geothermal heat pumps, and passive solar heating.

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    Absolutely! As maddie mentioned, solar panels are a great way to power your home. My dad just sent me a really exciting article about how the cost of solar power is going down. One of the awesome things about solar power is that you can place solar panels right on top of your roof and the energy doesn’t have to travel very far. Electricity tends to get lost as heat when it travels long distances through wires, so having a power source right on top of your own home is a really great thing. Plus, if you have a set of batteries or an electric car, you can store the energy for later use and never buy electricity again.

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