How can home owners use solar power?



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    By installing a solar panel on your home, you can utilize it to light your house, heat your rooms, heat your water, and even heat your pool! This is because solar panels are designed to store energy in addition to harnessing it. Once the energy is stored it can be used for a variety of uses. 

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    If you change homes in the future, be sure to consider the policies of both the local homeowner’s association (if there is one) and the local government. According to a family friend, solar panels have been banned in his town by the local government. Pardon the pun, but that is a very shady deal. An easy way to use solar power, even if you live in a draconian area, is to use solar powered outdoor lights (if you use them in the first place), calculators, etc. They are available to the average person and usually aren’t that expensive.Solar bulb

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