How can hunting help populations of animals be more healthy?



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    To some extent it does sound counter-intuitive, however, this is not always the case. A species can “need” to be hunted to maintain an appropriate level for that species that an area can handle. Sometimes a species is given an ideal situation for overpopulation. The trouble is the environment can not usually support this boom in a single species, therefore many die off to due to over competition. For instance, deer have fallen into this unfortunate category one or two times because they find themselves in a situation where they have no natural predators around except for people, therefore we have to hunt them to maintain a supportable number for the health of the local ecology. So to some extent we kill deer to save deer.

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    Agreed, with overpopulation it is necessary to “thin the herd” at times, in order to restore a healthy population of the species.  Overpopulation is detrimental to the environment and often has negative affects on other species of plants and animals as well.  Hunting can help restore balance in a environment

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