How can solar energy help fuel cars?



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    Yes, there are currently quite a few solar-powered vehicles in existence. They are built primarily with the photo voltaic panels on the top of the vehicle and a battery on board stores the energy to propel the car. None of these vehicles are aimed towards mass production, however, because the use of solar panels to harvest energy is significantly less efficient than burning fossil fuels. Purely solar vehicles are severely limited by the inefficiency, so application is mainly restricted to golf carts, which spend a lot of time parked in the sun and travel at relatively slow speeds as well.

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    Actually they just debuted the first SunPods Modular Solar EV charging station in California. The SunPods SP-300 EV Plug-N-Go is a solar charging station in San Jose, which is reassuring the driver that their power is coming from the sun! Click the link below to read the article!

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    This is operating on the notion that cars of the future will be all-electric. If we finally just do away will the internal combustion engine that uses gasoline, our vehicles will mostly have large batteries to hold enormous amounts of energy to power vehicles for elongated amounts of time. Solar power is another source in which to get the electricity to power these vehicles without burning fossil fuels. Solar power is considered one of the most viable clean and renewable energy producers as we head further into the 21st Century, and may one day be as much a part of our lives as gasoline is.

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