How can hardwood flooring be made better for the environment?



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    The Forest Sustainability Council (FSC) certifies wood that is grown sustainably. This is good if you have your heart set on a particular type of wood. Bamboo and cork also make excellent floors because bamboo grows quickly and cork is harvested without killing the tree. My parents got bamboo flooring in their kitchen when they remodeled it and FSC certified wood for their new cabinets. The cork flooring is really great because it retains heat better and helps to insulate the house. The rest of the flooring in our house is purely hardwood, which was there when we bought the place and it is in good condition, so we are not planning to replace it anytime soon. However, when we walk in the kitchen for a while barefoot and then step onto the hardwood floor, we notice the difference in temperature immediately. Cork is a great flooring material!

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