how can hair salons be more careful about the enviroment?



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    Eco-friendly hair salons are beginning to spring up in today’s world. People have realized that there are ways to help the environment in hair salons. This comes down to the products they use and the building they work in. First, products. All-natural or semi-natural hair care products (such as mineral-based hair dyes) as well as low impact hair dryers are better for the environment. Second, the building. By using recycled materials for floorboards, counters, etc. and energy-efficient lighting, the building is already better for the environment. And while using the building, more recycling can be done: recycle hair clippings. One such organization, Matter of Trust, turns hair into mats used to clean oil spills. 

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    There are several environmentally friendly hair salons popping up all over the country.  They focus on using natural, eco-friendly products during styling or coloring, free from potentially harmful chemicals.

    I’ve included a link with a few names of some hair salons that are doing their part to adapt to an eco-friendly business model.

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