How can green legislature help with our current unemployment problem?



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    By creating more sustainable and green programs, it could easily help out the unemployment problem, by immediately creating new jobs. The correlation is impossible not to see.

    In Europe, green industries have employed over 3.4 million people. And the majority of it is in green transportation, something that the U.S. could work on, which will not only help the environmental crisis, but also the employment crisis.

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    As most green energies are “newer” energy options, the technology is less refined, and developed.  If there was a push from the government through legislature to help bring green energy and development to the forefront of our society there would be numerous new jobs produced.  

    If there was government funding for research and development of renewable resources, there would be job creation.  Jobs can be created on a functional level of implementing the green technology (i.e. building solar or wind farms, energy storage sites, connecting communities to the energy, etc…).  Many jobs can be created through the recycling industry (sorting, shipping, driving, running machinery).  

    The examples are numerous, but the fact remains that government has a huge influence on the flow of money through grants, subsidies, and legislature.  If there is a concerted effort to push a green agenda, then the market will respond with new ideas and development of greener solutions to our everyday activities.

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    There would be a lot of jobs produced with newer green legislation. Not only would it create more jobs, but they would be jobs that require a whole lot of different training. There would be jobs that do not require a college degree, and jobs that would. I think new green legislation would help promote college education more, because it would open up a new job market needing college degrees. 

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