How can the Great Lakes be revitalized?



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    Well there is not really much to this answer.  We just need to stop polluting it.  Where the problem comes in is actually putting that into action.  The government and big business obviously doesn’t want to stop dumping because it will make their life that much harder. 

    For example, I am from Toledo, Ohio and we sit right on Lake Eire.  In my area alone we have 2 nuclear power plants, BP and Shell refineries, The JEEP plant, Libby Glass, and multiple ports right on the lake.  Do you know much work it would take to change the ways of everything in my area alone?

    Now think of that all up and down the coast of all of the lakes.  People don’t want to change because it takes time and money.  Apathy is truly one of the greatest causes of Environmental damage. 

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