How can gluten free diets help us be more healthy?



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    It is only considered healthy if you have celiac disease and an intolerance for food products that contain gluten. Although, studies have shown that Americans who lean away from gluten do tend to buy less processed food products and go more towards fruits and veggies. The downsides of going gluten free when you don’t need to include weaker bones, lack of various vitamins, and in some cases weight gain. If you plan on going gluten-free, I would consult your doctor or a nutritionist first to make sure you get balanced meals each day.

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    Some people do believe that our digestive system is not well designed to process grains, and so opt to not eat grains, including wheat, even if they are not diagnosed with celiac disease. Instead they focus their diet around meats, nuts, veggies and fruits. This diet is primarily known as the paleodiet (as it is believed to be mimicing what humans ate prior to the dawn of agriculture). You can read more about the paleodiet here (

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    The benefit of gluten free diets is that they often cut out foods that are not only high in carbohydrates, but high in calories and low in nutritional value. Avoiding gluten often means avoiding foods such as muffins, donuts, pastries and cakes. Eating less of these and rather packing your diet with protein and fruits and vegetables will allow you to consume more vitamins and minerals. (Of course, there are often now gluten-free versions of such products.) 

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