How can gluten free diets help me be more healthy?



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    A gluten-free diet is necessary for someone who has Celiac disease. For those who are not diagnosed with this disease, a gluten-free diet can still have healthy benefits. In some cases, gluten can slowly damage intestinal tissue. Avoiding gluten can prevent this deterioration, though a gluten-free diet must be carefully managed to ensure that vitamins and nutrients are being consumed in safe amounts.

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    Some people believe that grains are not part of a healthy human diet, since we did not evolve eating grains, but rather meat, fruits, nuts and vegetables. The most outspoken proponents of this diet have termed it the Paleodiet (you can read more about that here

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    Gluten has been associated with a multitude of diseases like Parkinson’s, osteoperosis, and multiple slcerosis. It can also affect your overall performance on a day to day basis, prologing menstrual cycles, creating irritable bowel syndrome, and allergies. Gluten is found in grains such as oats, rye, and barley, so it can be hard to avoid. Eating whole foods like vegetables, fish, and nuts will have the same overall effect as avoiding processed foods like gains.

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    It is only considered healthy if you have celiac disease and an intolerance for food products that contain gluten. Although, studies have shown that Americans who lean away from gluten do tend to buy less processed food products and go more towards fruits and veggies. The downsides of going gluten free when you don’t need to include weaker bones, lack of various vitamins, and in some cases weight gain. If you plan on going gluten-free, I would consult your doctor or a nutritionist first to make sure you get balanced meals each day.

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