How can the global water shortage be averted?



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    In my opinion, it really all goes back to government and policy makers. The best plan of action would be regulations, and a surge forward with research in new, eco frinedly ways to sustain our water supplies, and recycle water to the best of our abilities. We also need to acknowledge this problem together instead of wroking as seperate nations. I found the links below helpful!

    I really liked this one-

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    The world’s population has exploded in the past century, and coupled with the expansion of industry and sprawl, water resources are both more limited and in higher demand. Furthermore, a plausible means to convert salt water into fresh water, fit for human consumption and use, has not yet been achieved on a large enough scale. Some nations and economies are especially vulnerable and like liney15 said, the issue is dependant on legislators and governmental officials to enact sound policies. Another thing to consider is how recklessly water is wasted, in many cultures, and by many people.

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    One very simple way would be for everyone to eat a vegetarian or vegan diet.

    We have an underground aquifier, the Ogallala, that has been around millions of years, only it’s running dry, and when it’s gone, it’s gone forever.

    How does eating veg*n help?  Because we won’t have gallons and gallons of water wasted on animals that will wind up in slaughterhouses.  It takes over 5,000 gallons of water to raise a single pound of beef, and we grow more food for slaugher animals than we grow food for people.

    It takes much less water to raise a pound of grain.  Plus, the land that grows food for slaughter animals could grow food for people.

    If everone ate a veg diet, we could end world hunger.  Plus, we would use far less of the Ogallala aquifier.

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