How can global warming contribute to poverty?



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    Global warming can certainly have a threat on the poor and drive more people into poverty. As temperatures rise, yields of wheat, rice, and maize – essential dietary staples for poorer people – could face a reduction. As the crops are reduced, prices in food will rise, which would ultimately affect everyone and bring more people under the poverty line. At the same time, however, global warming could benefit those who are victim to poverty. Many poorer families farm their own land, and with higher crop prices, global warming could help to lift them out of poverty.

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    Global warming causes shifts in climate patterns globally. This means that some areas may suffer unusual droughts and others may have much more rain than normal. This will disrupt agricultural practices that have been dependent on previous weather patterns. In addition, climate change can cause increased natural disasters. Many countries have suffered globally from hurricanes, tsunamis, etc. from changes in weather patterns. Catastrophies such as these cause billions of dollars worth of damage and can take individuals a long time to recover. 

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