How can Glenn Beck impact the climate bill?



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    Sadly Glenn Beck can create a stir among conservative people so much that he can get people like Van Jones to resign. Glenn Beck once did an excerpt about global warming saying that it wasn’t real, and that more pollution is needed in order to cool the planet. What Glenn Beck can do to the climate bill is mobilize those who watch his show, or listen to him on the radio, to call their Congressmen to vote no on the bill. People who watch his show take his words as the gospel, and it is sad…. My step father once came to me and said global warming was fake, because of what he saw on the Glenn Beck show…. I responded by giving him facts that I learned in college, about how it is measured, past CO2 levels and how they relate to temperature, etc. The moral of this story is you cannot convince someone who “believes” something, and relates these beliefs to a particular ideology (such as Christian or conservative), rather than being informed and educated on the subject. I apologize if I have strayed from your topic, but I feel like my real life experiences have led me to this tangent.

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      It should be noted that I do not condone the climate bill, for I have not read it fully… and given the track record of our Congress and President, probably does not address any real issue. However, I used global warming as an example as to how Glenn Beck can affect people’s opinion just by making ignorant blanketed statements.

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