How can gelatin be replaced in marshmallows?



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    Some gelatin replacers that are used in vegan marshmallows are: agar powder, soy protein hydrolysate, locust bean gum, and carrageenan. Other gelatin replacers (that may or may not be used in marshmallows) are arrowroot powder and fruit pectin.

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    If you are looking for a gelatin-free source of marshmallows, there are several, most of them vegan as well (some marshmallow imitations have eggs).  Or if you’re looking to make your own, check out this website

    (you have to scroll down quite a bit)  Seems it’s an ongoing challenge for people to have their marshmallow fix without consuming gelatin.  The only mass produced gelatin-free marshmallow that I know of is the kind that comes in a jar by Kraft (not a very green company by the way) called Marshmallow Creme.  I tried it once because I’ve never had a marshmallow (gelatin free raised), but I have a feeling the shape is kind of essential to the marshmallow experience.

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