How can family planning help with climate change?



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    Simply put, the more people there are, the more resources we as a population consume (food, oil, land…). The population is growing exponentially, and reducing this swell will make it so our resources last longer. In fact, a British study found that family planning may be the cheapest way to prevent climate change.

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    Population control is an important factor in climate change. Controlling population size with family planning would mean less greenhouse gas emissions in the future. “If today‚Äôs birth rates remain unchanged, world population will grow from 6.7 billion to 11.9 billion by 2050, threatening social and economic progress and undermining efforts to preserve the natural environment.”

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    Family planning can play a huge role in conserving our environment and, thus, can help to curb climate change. By limiting the number of children a family has, our population growth would slow, taking stress off already constrained resources. Less food would be needed per family, less water would be needed per family, less waste would be produced per family and so on. China has taken the brutal first step in this effort by limiting the number of children a family can have.

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    Over population is currently listed, by some, as one of the greatest threats to the global environment. Increased populations, of course, lead to a greater taxation on natural resource systems, and thus, limiting population can limit the environmental effects of people (including emissions of greenhouse gases, habitat destruction, use of potable water resources, etc.). Thus, by planning one’s family appropriately, one is reducing their impact as well as the impact of future generations (e.g. kids who come from big families often wish to have big families as well).

    The replacement rate (roughly 2 kids) is the wise choice then when determining the size of your family.

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