How can factory farms be made better for the environment?



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    The definition of a factory farm is a place which, “congregates animals, feed, manure and urine, dead animals, and production operations on a small area of land.”First off, factory farms are typically run by small farmers who get mistreated by large companies. These farms have too many animals for the amount of space they own.  Often sick animals go unnoticed due to increase of automated care. Waste is not removed in a sustainable fashion and factory farms produce 2.7 trillion pounds of waste each year. These farms can be improved by using traditional feed (grass vs a corn based solution), use more human care, recycle animal waste as much as possible, and get rid of half their animals.


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    lfw2887 is correct: the best way to improve factory farms is, essentially, to get rid of them. Inherent in the definition of factory farming are qualities that cannot be redeemed in any environmental perspective.

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