How can the environmental impacts of agriculture be minimized?



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    An agricultural option which minimizes the environmental impact of agriculture is the utilization of organic farming techniques. Organic farming uses animal excrement and composted fertilizers along with crop rotation practices, this eliminates the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers which pollute the water supply. In crop rotation the farmer produces multiple crops for market instead of producing a single type of crop. He rotates the crops after each harvest because different crops leach different minerals from the soil. Crop rotation usually involves leaving one field unused, the weeds which grow during this time help draw essential nutrients to the top soil. On the other side of the spectrum GM crops are proposed as an environmentally friendly alternative because they can withstand periods of draught, without needing a high volume of water, and they don’t need to be sprayed with chemical pesticides or herbicides.

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    Cover cropping is another beneficial technique that should be employed more widely.  Cover cropping involves planting a mixture of nitrogen fixing legumes as well as grasses on a field that is not in use.  These plants contribute to soil nitrogen, porosity, and beneficial insect life.  They may then be tilled into the soil as green fertilizer.  This process prevents erosion, provides food for pollinators and beneficial insects, and improves soil tilth.

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