How can environmental education be used to save the environment?



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    Environmental education increases awareness about the environment and what harms it. With more awareness, people may be moved to avoid those activities which cause harm to the planet. In California, schools are now required to provide environmental education to students so the lesson of caring for the earth can be learned at an earlier age.

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    By attending college and receiving a degree in environmental studies, or a similar field (biology, natural resources) you will be given much knowledge about the history and techniques used in the field. This education will prepare you to get a job in the field and help the environment. Upon getting a job, they will likely train you to best help them. However, the background you receive in school will allow you to learn quickly and readily provide ideas to your place of employment that will benefit them and the environment.

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    While a lot of environmentalism seems to be common sense, there always seems to be other angles that lay deeper beneathe the surface.  For example, you might think that recycling all recyclable materials is extending an effort to a good cause.  However, if you recycle improperly (like….leave a water bottle cap screwed on, or throw in a cardboard pizza box) you might contaminate the entire load of recycling.  Educating on the proper ways (and full process) help increase efficiency across the board.

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