How can energy be harvested from train tracks?



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    There is a technology being used in Pennsylvania that will allow energy lost by braking trains to be fed into the grid to be used.  A company – Viridity Energy – was awarded a grant by the State of Pennsylvania that will allow them to run this pilot project.  The idea is that this will cut the carbon footprint as well as helping to improve the reliability of their grid.

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    A company called Perpetuum has developed an electromagnetic rotary engines that harvest the vibration of passing trains in order to power the wireless monitoring systems designed to give information on environmental conditions, train location, etc. Scientists are also designing devices that use piezoelectricity to harvest energy from vibration. They use piezoelectric crystals that emit a charge when stressed from pressure. These scientists are interested in hand held devices that could derive energy from foot falls, but are working with Perpetuum to combine energy harvest ideas.

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