How can egg shells help fight climate change?



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    The inside of the membrane of eggshells was recently found to be able to store about 7 times its weight in carbon dioxide! Eggshells can be used to store carbon dioxide until we come up with a way to dispose of it efficiently.

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    The fact that eggshells can trap 7x their own weight in CO2 opens up the discussion for how we can make use of CO2 once we remove its threat to the environment. Perhaps it could be converted into a clean source of fuel. CO2 is already useful in certain chemical preparations, so the idea that we could remove CO2 from a harmful state and convert it to a more useful state is exciting for inhibiting climate change. The thin membrane of the egg that conducts this feat is difficult to remove from the egg, but the Calcutta team that made this discovery comes from India; there, 1.6 million tons of eggs are eaten every year, so they know there’s a lot of useful material that can be redirected.

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