How can educators help to fight global warming?



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    Education, education, education!  People have to known about our climate and what is happening to even be aware of global warming — which is the first step towards fighting it.

    After that, teaching about ways to avoid things that contribute to global warming, such as pollution, is the next thing.

    After this comes teaching students what can be done to remedy various causes of global warming, such as planting more trees in areas that have been de-forested.

    And finally, educators can organize groups of students to not only spread the word about global warming and what to do about it, they can organize groups to go out and do something about it, such as planting trees.

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    I agree with bethgoodtree. Global climate change within the broader context of stewardship of the Earth and conservation efforts is should be an integrated part of the curriculum, I would say from grade school onwards. The younger children are instilled with the importance of an environmentally-conscious lifestyle, the more likely it is to become a solid part of their adult ethos. Some examples of how to do this could be cultivating an organic garden, watching polar bears on web cam in the wild and explaining their plight, visiting an eco-farm, creating simple science experiments that illustrate some of the more fundamental aspects of climate change – there is a wealth of information regarding just this on the web (see links below).

    Also more pragmatically, encouraging and funneling resources into effective science and math programs in schools would be an important step. The more geologists, meteorologists, biologists, and engineers we have, the more active minds we have trying to create viable solutions. Of course this is all dependent on a) educators across America recognizing climate change as anthropogenic and b) schools having proper funding. But I think education of children today in the realities of climate change is absolutely crucial – at this rate, it will be theirs and their children’s generation whom will bear the very tangible brunt of global warming. 

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    I feel than an educator has the greatest power to help stop global warming. An educator already has credibility and the capacity to teach hundreds of people at a time. They reach a wide audience of people who are interested in learning. They also have the information readily available and understand what they are teaching. An educator has a great power that shapes how students learn and understand the information.

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    Education itself is the greatest tool to fight global warming and spread the ideas of environmentalism. Educators can help the cause by being interesting, engaging, and helpful to their students, and by providing legitimate sources of information.

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