How can eating vegetarian make you healthier?



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    There are a number of reasons people go vegetarian, and one of the main ones is to improve their health. A vegetarian diet cuts out the unhealthy artery-clogging fat and cholesterol found in meat, which is why many people who go vegetarian feel healthier and lose weight. Vegetarians also become more creative with what they eat, often eating different foods rich in nutrients — like quinoa, seitan, beans, spinach, etc — that typical meat eaters don’t get enough of or avoid. Plant-based foods have more vitamins than meat, and these vitamins provide essential nutrients that improve your health and fight diseases such as cancer. Heart disease is prevalent in carnivores who eat a lot of meat, and not so much in vegetarians, because we don’t get nearly as much cholesterol in our diets. Vegetarians also avoid the pathogens, such as e.coli, found in meat. 

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    Agreeing with all of the above, and would like to expand a bit on the part that says people become more creative on a vegetarian diet.

    I believe it was Gandhi who said when we eat only to sustain ourselves, and stop looking to food for pleasure, it opens our creativity.  Obviously, that’s paraphrased as I can’t find the exact quote.  Opening ourselves creatively can be a fabulous stress reliever.  Reduced stress means better overall health.

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    There are various types of vegetarian diets, however, no matter which diet you choose it is extremely important to make sure all of your nutritional needs are met.  I have attached a link to the vegetarian food pyramid.  By cutting out meats and foods in high fat and cholesterol you are drastically reducing your chances of obesity and developing heart disease.  The vegetarian food pyramid will be your guide to a well rounded, healthy vegetarian diet.

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    There are many health benefits of a vegetarian diet.

    According to a German long term study, vegetarians are purported to live longer than the rest of the population with men lowering their risk of early death by 50% and women by 30%. 

    Vegetarian diets can also help treat or prevent chronic health diseases such as heart disease, cancer, obesity and diabetes. 


    There are of course so other considerations to take into account. Vegetarian diets, if not properly managed can also lead to a lack of vitamin B-12, vitamin D, vitamin C, folic acid and calcium, all vital components of a healthy diet. 

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