How can dogs go green?



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    If you pick up your dog’s waste on walks, you can go green by using biodegradable bags that will take less time to degrade in landfills.

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    Try to limit the amount of toys you buy your dog, and make sure you buy toys that are made from organic or recycled materials (not to mention try natural toys like a wood stick). Recycle your dogs food cans and bags. Try to buy dog food in bulk to reduce packaging and waste. Your dog can go without those highly processed dog treats that are based on corn-syrup products.

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    You can actually compost your dogs poo!  

    Another easy way is to spend some quality time outdoors with your dog!  This way you and the dog get exercise, and can enjoy life, and you will save a lot of electricity by not sitting inside with the lights on, watching TV, and so on.  

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    There are unlimited ways dogs can be eco friendly. We’ve found the best way is to provide environmentally friendly products for your dog. Dog toys made from recycled materials, hemp leashes and collars, and biodegradable dog poop bags are just the beginning. 

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    Excellent answers!

    Like someone said, compost the fecal matter! They sell composts specifically for that purpose or you can set one up yourself with worms (check which are okay). Make note that you can only compost dog poop in that composter; never anything else.

    Use biodegradable bags.

    Dogs can be vegan and you may make them food yourself… No need for extra packaging and transport for dog food.

    Eco-friendly toys, equipment… 

    Provide them with more water so they do not destroy your lawn with their urine? that one is just a guess… worth it to try.


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