How can corn be used in construction materials?



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    Studies are being done on using cornstalks in construction materials. They can be used by adding the stalks to interior and exterior materials or to make a cornstalk plywood material which is very maleable.

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    Recent studies conducted by researchers at the University of Illinois have come up with a material they subsequently coined ‘CornBoard’ that could take the place of playwood of fiberboard.  CornBoard is made from corn stover (the waste (husks and stalks) that is usually left to decompose (and which in turn releases large amounts of CO2 into the air).  Because the US has such a large corn industry, there is a lot of corn stover to be used.  In fact, is is thought that for each 1 acre of corn grown, 4000 lbs of corn stover is left over!  This number only grows when you consider that there are more than 86 million acres of corn grown each year in the US alone. 

    Researchers believe that CornBoard could be used in floors, wall sheathing, and decking, making it multi-functional and recyclable!  Furthermore, the U of Illinois researchers are working with a company to patent the use of CornBoard in furniture.  


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