How can cooking be green?



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    There are several ways to green up your cooking. lists a few good starters.  You can turn your oven off early – the temperature will stay stable for about 10 minutes once off, so you don’t need to use the extra energy those last few minutes of cooking.  You can also bake several dishes at once – think of it as cooking carpooling.  Try to match up your pan sizes to the appropriate burner size – using a too small pan on a too big burner wastes energy.  Also, use sturdy flat bottom pans – warped ones waste energy.  You can also make your food choices greener – buy local food, organic if you can.  You can also opt to eat less meat – meat takes a lot more energy to raise than veggies.

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    Cooking with microwaves and toaster ovens instead of conventional ovens are other ways to cook in a more eco-friendly way. Microwaves and toaster ovens use considerably less power than cooking with a stovetop or oven.

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