How can construction waste be recycled?



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    There are many stores out there that sell recycled building materials which means that the construction workers and site managers can sell their somewhat usable materials to stores that in turn sell it to you or I for less cost.

    Salvaging is also a form of recycling. There are businesses that make their money salvaging items that are otherwize thought to be useless and turn it into income for themselves by selling the usable portions to construction workers and at the same time save the Earth.

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    You can recycle appliances, lumber, plywood, paper, metals, plastics, roofing, windows and doors all fairly easily.  The materials must be appropriately seperated and labeled in order to be processed.  Labeling is important to prevent waste mixing. 

    There are also several guidelines for minimizing the creation of waste in construction below.  They include, for example, ordering smaller pieces of drywall to minimize scraps, and also using the scraps for small spaces like closets. 

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    The link below is a lot more detailed, but here’s a summary of how construction waste can be recycled:

    • The construction company you hire should have a plan in place for separating recyclable and non-recyclable materials.
    • Produce less waste is by efficiently ordering/using materials that you need (and not extra).
    • Choose high quality materials that are likely to get the job done, which will prevent you from having to re-order new materials when the initial ones don’t suit your needs.
    • Use previously recycled materials where you can.
    • Know the regulations in your area, so that you don’t get stuck trying to use recycled materials where they aren’t allowed (which would unfortunately create more waste where there were originally good intentions).

    Again, all of this is explained in more detail below.

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