How can conservation efforts/public awareness be increased for species that aren’t considered as cute or popular? (A polar bear verses a beetle, for example)



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    I think focusing on their importance and what will happen if they are no longer around.  It is clearly much easier  to bring attention to endangered species that are cute or popular, I mean someone is going to watch a commercial with a polar bear cub as opposed to a beetle.  It’s just all about the information.  People who actually care about endangered species will do whatever they can to help save them – no matter what it is.

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    In many cases, the species that are less cute, such as beetles, are an integral part of the ecosystem and thus necessary for supporting larger, cute animals. Cute animals often require a lot of habitat to support them. So, hopefully protecting the cute animals will help protect the other animals in most cases. In areas where there are no cute mammals to protect, in the same area of non-cute endangered species, I think that the only way to save them is to appeal to people’s sense of morality. What gives us the right to exterminate a species? It’s like genocide.

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    I think public awareness of endangered or threatened species that are not cute or popular can be increased by talking more about the beauty and uniqueness of the place they inhabit. Environmental NGOs can push for more efforts to protect a specific locale or region that these species inhabit, so that the species can be indirectly protected. Citizens can advocate for government agencies to designate parks and recreation area for special protection status. We can’t blame people for ignoring these species, but its unfortunate that they are left out of the conversation for so many years. Right now is the time to revitalize the conservation effort. 

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