How can compresses natural gas be used to power cars?



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    Natural gas vehicles (NGV) have the same basic design as gas powered ones—the natural gas is run through the cylinder of the engine, where it is mixed with air. A spark plug ignites the fuel which causes the piston to move. The natural gas would need to be extracted and processed until it is pure methane, when it can be used in an NGV. The gas is compressed so that it doesn’t take up as much space, and is stored in the car in cylinders that have special padding to protect them in case of a crash. A line connects the cylinder to a fuel line, which allows the gas into a regulator to reduce the pressure before finally going into the engine cylinder to power the car.

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    There are quite a few options in California for those who wish to travel using CNG. Some buses in that state use this fuel, for example. Also, there are approximately 215 fueling stations for CNG users in southern California alone.

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