How can compressed air power a car?



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    Compressed air moves a car by by the expansion of compressed air through a piston engine in a way that is comparable to a steam engine. The first prototype of this type of car was manufactured in the 1920’s.

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    “Compressing gas into a a small space is a way to store energy.”  When this air, in your car’s ‘fuel’ tank is released, it will funnel into your engine and expand, pushing the pistons in the same way that the combustion of gasoline would power your vehicle.  Currently French company Motor Development International has a prototype that will travel up to 35 miles an hour solely working off it’s compressed air in the tank.  When the vehicle exceeds 35 mph, a secondary motor will engage to compress more air ‘on the fly’, drawing air in from around the car.

    Zero Pollution Motors, the American arm of MDI, has a number of models in the works right now and are hoping for a 2012 release of their new Air-Car.  This boasts a moderate pricing range from between 15 to $20,000 and will be able to travel about 800 or 1,000 miles on a tank of compressed air and 8 gallons of gas to run the compressor’s motor.



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