How can companies reduce air travel?



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    Companies can use the Internet and services such as Skype more often. This is a way to communicate with other business people or clients without having to travel to where they are. People are able to see each other and show posters or other visuals while they talk via the Internet.

    Otherwise, people could travel less often by arranging to do more than one thing per visit. They could combine visits and spend more time at the designation. This may also build stronger relationships because people could better communicate instead of being rushed to fly right back home.

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    More video conferencing would definitely reduce the air travel.  Also, CEOs should be asked not to travel by a personal jet as a means to get anywhere they go.  Unfortunately, this happens far too often.  Rather than save the emissions and ride on one plane together, each individual CEO of a certain branch of business will often ride in their own individual jets.  It should no longer feel like a sign of status to do such, but rather of shame.

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