How can companies with large manufacturing plants be more green?



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    Companies with large manufacturing plants can be more green by first having an energy audit done. In general, this will give them simple and easy to implement ways to save energy and help the environment such as replacing lightbulbs and installing two-button flush toilets. Paperless companies are on the rise as well, using email as a way to communicate all forms of information to employees. Placing recycling bins on the premesis with easy access for the employees can also have a very large impact. Switching from coal to oil, or from oil to a combination of solar, generator run and oil can also help reduce pollutants in the environment.

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    It is far from clear that large manufacturing plants can ever be green, no matter what energy or material-recycling precautions are taken. Even if they are net zero energy consumers, their inputs generally come from faraway places and their products will generally go to faraway places. This demands a great deal of energy in transport, packaging, etc. Plus, depending on what the plant makes, the product itself may not be recyclable or may be harmful to the environment; its inputs may be inherently toxic, and the resources they use might be important to whatever environment they come from.

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