How can companies improve their energy consumption?



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    Companies can:

    • replace incandescent bulbs with fluorescent or LEDs
    • make mass transit (if they provide it) extend farther and make it more environmentally friendly
    • install a program to reuse waste water
    • turn off computers overnight and over the weekends
    • run all company errands at once, not sporadically througout the day or one a day throughout the week
    • get an energy audit from the local power company
    • encourage employees to carpool to work or even provide them for employees
    • insulate exposed pipes
    • do not leave on unused appliances (lighting, printers, etc.)
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    I would add:

    1. If possible, reorganize so employees can work from home 1-2 days/wk

    2. In addition to computers, turn off lights overnight (and, if natural lighting is sufficient, during the day)

    3. Offer monetary incentives for alternative transportation, thereby eliminating the need for electricity sucking garages (my organization has done this and has avoided having to build parking accommodations)


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